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Fifa Street 2 Full Version [Mediafire]

FIFA Street 2 is the sequel to the video game FIFA Street. A new "trick stick beat" system was introduced and new authentic tricks were also introduced. The game is available on the GameCube, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox. The player on the game cover is Portugal international Cristiano Ronaldo.
The game is a street football game in which the player can take control of 4-a-side versions of national football teams in matches where the object is to win by scoring a set amount of goals or points via tricks, or within a time limit. In the career mode "Rule the Streets", one creates a player and competes in tournaments around the world to obtain "Skill Bills" to buy clothing and upgrade his rating. As the player improves, he can captain his own street football team and eventually become an international. After that you can choose your players kit and you can choose one of the unlocked fields. The best players have special moves often named after their nickname.
Legends of football such as Abedi Pele, Eric Cantona and Paul Gascoigne are unlockable during the game.
The game has its own in-game radio station, presented by Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1 and features music by Roots Manuva, Sway, Pendulum, The Editors and The Subways.
System Requirements
- Operating System : WIndows XP, Windows 7
- CPU :  Intel Pentium III @ 1.3GHz
- RAM : 512 MB Recommended
- Direct X : Version 9.0c Compatible 3D accelarated 32 MB Video Card
- Hard Disk : 420.39 MB of Hard Disk Space
- Please note that 16 Bit is colour not supported

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